Secure DNS Service for Email Admins

Managed DNS service, supports DNSSEC by default.

Public beta version is now available

Support DNSSEC

Support DNSSEC to prevent DNS tampering
Let all complicated key management work to Qualitia

Making Email more Secure

Supports SPF/DKIM/DMARC configuration for more robust email management.

High Avaiability

Distributed across 4 servers in Japan and Singapore with high SLA's (As of 07/08/2020: 100%)

Zones Screen Shot
DNSSEC Support

Support DNSSEC to prevent tampering

DNSSEC, a feature that strengthens the security of the DNS, is included by default. It protects your domain from cache poisoning and other DNS-related attacks.

Making email more secure

Make it easier to configure SPF/DKIM/DMARC

Are you ready to set up SPF/DKIM/DMARC for stronger email security with a simple configuration?
It is easy and error-free to set it up with a configuration assistance function by QUALITIA, the email experts who have been leading the Japanese email industry for over 20 years.


Ensures that emails received using an IP address are not spoofed


Use digital signatures to ensure that the email is not spoofed


Define what to do in the event of an SPF or DKIM certification failure

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Beta version

First 30 customers to receive a new (.jp/.com/.net) domain!

After one year, renewal fee will be required.

Existing domains can be transferred.

This service is currently limited to corporate customers.

  • DNSSEC Support
  • SPF/DKIM/DMARC Configuration Support
  • Unlimited number of Queries
  • Unlimited number of Records